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Lead generation

Are you looking for the right customers for your product or service? Do you want to see quick results and receive quality leads? Then put us to work. Lead generation is our business. We’ve been generating leads for years and have become very good at it. Our leads will soon have your sales force running at full speed.

“Content is fire; social media is gasoline.”

Our work is about raising the consumer’s curiosity and interest. But it’s also about showing an interest in our client. In a short time-frame we will immerse ourselves in your world, analyze it, and create a custom-made lead generation strategy.

What type of lead are you looking for? And how does that lead eventually turn into a customer? What does the client want from us, and what can they expect us to deliver? Questions and answers that we are happy to discuss.

A good start

Getting the right target audience moving, that is our business. It’s what we enjoy doing and what we are good at. And it all starts with a clear strategy. Our online marketeers have years of experience, and a good sense of what does, and what does not, work. We brainstorm, discuss, think… until that final eureka moment.

“Know the brain and seduce the heart”

From what we want to tell, to how we’re going to tell it. A combination of strategy and concept, to make your message attractive to the target audience, requires a lot of creativity. And we have plenty of that!

Create with impact. That’s the challenge we take on in all the campaigns we develop. It’s nice if it looks good, but conversion is our objective. It’s with that goal in mind that our own designers and copywriters do their work.


The moment we all have been waiting for. The moment that the leads start pouring in. Our media buyers give every campaign maximum attention, and bring it into the spotlight with millions of online consumers.

We have a wide national and international reach and advertise on every online platform that matters.

“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.”

Numbers don’t lie

Even though we know what works and what doesn’t… numbers don’t lie. As soon as the leads start rolling in, our campaign managers immediately get back to work, analyzing and optimizing the results. Non-stop. That is the finishing touch that makes, and keeps, our campaigns successful.

Advertisement impressions per month
Clicks per month
Leads per month

No cure No pay

We prefer not to call ourselves a business. We see ourselves as a team of driven online marketeers, passionate about what we do, but most of all skilled. We know what we do and we do it successfully.

We have great confidence in ourselves. It’s so great that we work on a No cure, no pay basis. We take responsibility for all the groundwork. The customer only pays for the result.

Proud of our customers