As of July 1, 2021, the new telecommunications law is likely to take effect, after it was passed in the House of Representatives on January 26 and co-authored on February 9. And that is going to affect companies that depend on leads. We realize better than anyone that “collaboration” is going to make the difference in the field of lead generation. How can such an ultimate collaboration be achieved? Why is transparency the key to this?

The 5 elements of a good partnership

In a good collaboration, the following things are in order:

  • Balance in the collaboration
  • Mutual trust
  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Clear objective(s)

How does transparency lead to better collaboration and what does it involve? We will now go through the elements one by one, focusing on the role of transparency.

Balance in the collaboration: interests of both parties included

There is an imbalance in the existing ‘No Cure, No Pay’ model. The supplier obviously puts the interests of the customer first, but stops a campaign when the margin threatens to be insufficient. The supplier then loses money instead of making money. And on the side of the customer? As the client, you want the best leads for the lowest price. But lead generation companies want the highest margin. That’s the imbalance, because there are conflicting interests. The solution? Mutual transparency.

Mutual trust: keeping promises

In any relationship, trust is essential, whether it’s a romantic or a business relationship. In business, you gain trust by being good at what you do and promising what you promise. And how can you be sure? Through transparency. Only if the other party is transparent do you know if they really deliver what was promised and deliver the quality that was agreed upon. Therefore, mutual transparency is essential to build mutual trust and achieve that ultimate collaboration.

Flexibility: adapting flexibly

A good collaboration carries with it the ability to continuously adapt to circumstances. At a given moment, processes are running smoothly, collaboration is good and the campaign is on schedule. And then? Then, of course, something changes. Then something happens that makes the current method no longer fit into the original picture. The media purchase is too high, conversions collapse, people no longer find the incentive attractive. At such a moment, a crucial feature of the collaboration is put to the test: flexibility. And that’s where transparency comes in again. For how can parties know what needs to be adjusted (or whether anything needs to be changed at all) if there is no full view of the state of affairs? Adapting to circumstances is necessary, but only possible if there is complete transparency.

Communication: appear reliable and professional

Good and transparent communication is indispensable for any relationship or collaboration. In general, and especially with lead generation suppliers, it is important that the supplier does not promise gold mountains, but delivers what he promises. When someone comes across as reliable, professional and knowledgeable, this is more likely to lead to trust.

Clear objectives: transparent and clearly communicated

Clear goals provide a clear focus, which (often) makes it easier to achieve goals. Clear goals give direction to the company and ensure that all noses are in the same direction. For this, transparency is essential, because if you are not transparent in the objectives, nobody knows what you are actually working towards together. However, if you are transparent and communicate the objectives clearly and unambiguously, this will ensure focus and direction.

Mutual transparency as the basis for the ultimate collaboration!

During our review of 2020, we analyzed this problem of the current payment model. How do we find a balance between the conflicting interests of our customers and ourselves? Our new settlement model offers the solution and is actually very simple. Namely, it is based on mutual transparency.

What if you as a client had insight into the costs, which campaigns are running, over which channels these campaigns are running, over which channels you are getting the best conversions and what your current CPL is? We already dedicated a blog to this last time and we really believe that this is the future of lead generation.

Better leads, finer relationship, more pleasant communication

The conclusion of the story is that transparency on both sides creates a benefit for both parties. Our clients and we as Sendt are equal partners with the same interests, namely achieving the (sales) targets. We want to acquire leads of which you know how they became and what the costs were. In this way, transparency contributes to an increased quality of leads but also to a nicer relationship and better communication.

Want to know more?

We are happy to invite you to a meeting in which we explain how transparency can also work for you when it comes to lead generation. A benchmark campaign is the start of the collaboration. The kick-off meeting is part of this collaboration.