Better leads and getting the most out of the available marketing budgets. Better insight into what works and what doesn’t, in order to optimize results. If this sounds good, we have great news for you: next week we will officially launch our SendtPortal 2.0! Here’s how this platform came to be and how it will help you.

Sendtportal 2.0 for even better leads

Over the past year, our own marketing platform has not been left behind. We have been working hard to expand and improve it. In January and the first half of February we ran a test with the beta version. And next week is the day: the official launch.

What exactly did we do?

We have linked all campaigns and the online channels we use to our own platform. Think of channels like Facebook, Google, e-mail, LinkedIn, TikTok and DSPs (demand side platform). In this way we conveniently bring together all marketing information from various sources in one place. Some examples of information collected at campaign level in our new marketing platform:

  • The number of ad impressions
  • Click through ratios (CTRs)
  • Conversion rates
  • Costs per lead
  • Total cost per channel

The added value of this intuitive dashboard

In our new intuitive dashboard you can easily compile detailed reports and comparisons. This gives you simple and clear access to all the information you need to generate better leads. Our creatives, media buyers and clients get real-time insight into all our online activities and their results much faster and easier. This ultimate transparency delivers significant benefits.

Up-to-date information enables us to intervene more quickly and make the right choices. There is more focus on what works and we can say goodbye to what does not work, in order to optimize the results. Ultimately, this allows us to generate even better leads and get the maximum return from available marketing budgets.

This transparency has another advantage. Because all the information is available to our clients, they can exert much more influence and make a greater contribution to the success of the lead campaigns we provide for them. This feedback is of great value to us, as this input is a key success factor in being able to deliver good leads – both at campaign set-up and at any other times during the running of the campaign.

We are ready for it!

We are extremely proud and happy to announce the launch of SendtPortal 2.0. It is an essential part of the transition from ‘lead generation old style’ to ‘the new normal of lead generation’. Transparency is the key to a better (and closer) cooperation between us and you as a customer. With confidence we can say that with SendtPortal 2.0 we will succeed in optimizing this cooperation, to get the quality of the leads and the customer satisfaction even higher!

Want to know more?

Are you curious how our portal provides insight in conversions and transparency is the change for a closer cooperation and even better leads? Then request a DEMO here. We will gladly explain what this can mean for you!